Monsters Go Night-Night

Monsters Go Night-Night
Aaron Zenz
Abrams Kids—2016
Ages 3 to 5, Grades P to K

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What is the bedtime routine like in your house? Over here, we have something to eat, take a bath, put on our pajamas, and get in a little snuggle time before that final night-night kiss.

Well, as it turns out, monsters do the same thing! They just do it a little bit differently...ok, a lot differently.

Monsters Go Night-Night is a fun bedtime story. It goes through all the parts of an evening routine—with a twist. For example, it tells us that monsters take baths. Then, it gives us four choices. Do monsters take baths with soap, shampoo, a rubber ducky, or chocolate pudding? We turn the page and see the answer: Monsters take baths with chocolate pudding, of course.

Author Aaron Zenz dedicated this book to his son, Elijah, whose monster drawings inspired the adorable creatures in the story. Check out his interview on the All the Wonders podcast here and watch this great YouTube video to learn more about his creative process.

My toddler and preschooler ask for Monsters Go Night-Night over and over again, and I think your little creatures will love it, too.

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