The Pruwahaha Monster

The Pruwahaha Monster
Jean-Paul Mulders, Jacques Maes, Lise Braekers
Kids Can Press—2016
Ages 4 to 7, Grades P to 2

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They’re baaaaaaaack…pumpkin fever is in full swing, and all of those orange orbs and warming spices have me feeling fall. Of all the great books heading to market this season, one of my favorites is The Pruwahaha Monster, from Jean-Paul Mulders, Jacques Maes and Lise Breakers.

Just saying the name of this book aloud is both spine-TINGLING and spine-TICKLING, and I’m in awe of how the book achieves this magical mash-up. It is probably one of those things you have to experience for yourself, but I will try to explain. 

At first, The Pruwahaha Monster seems to be a terrifying creature—a large-clawed monster who lurks through the woods near a boy and father at play. Tension and anticipation build.

As the story continues, we readers begin to get some subtle clues that all is not as it seems. And, when the words and the pictures collide in the final pages, we are left giggling and shaking our heads. The story is not about a monster after all! It is actually the story of a very sweet and playful father-son relationship.

Everything about this book is simply delightful. The illustrations a brilliant, and it’s a ton of fun to read aloud, which is why my family keeps returning to this scary story that is not-so-scary after all.

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