I’m Megan.

I'm a mom to three kids, a veteran reading teacher and Educational Therapist, and a lifelong lover of books. I started blogging to reconnect with and share my passion for children’s literature and quickly found a wonderful community. That’s you!


This is me: 

I am constantly struggling to spend the right kind of time with my kids. There is so much I want to show them and teach them, but some days I break a sweat just getting everyone dressed and out the door. (Have you ever seen a three-year-old in a six-month-old’s onesie? I have. Many, many times.) On occasion, I make homemade play-doh and drop liquid water colors into the bubble bath. Routinely, I am thrilled if I get to the bottom of my coffee cup before the creamer congeals. And, everyday, I read to my kids. Just because I love them. And their books. And how quiet they are when I’m reading their books.


This is my fundamental belief:

We can’t slow the seasons or put more seconds into a minute, but we can all make storytime spectacular for the little people in our laps. I hope that I can help you get the most out of your read alouds with book recommendations and some techniques I have picked up along my way.


Thank you for giving me a chance!