Kids Books About Unique Friendships Part Two

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Duck & Goose, by Tad Hills
(shared by @happily.ever.elephants)
“If everyone could learn to cooperate like Duck and Goose, this world would no doubt be a much lovelier place.”


Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers
(shared by @bookbairn)
“…a fabulous story about friendship and how all things that are lost don’t always need to be returned to be found.”


Harry and Walter, by Kathy Stinson and Qin Leng
(shared by @bookbloom)
“Decades dissolve, as once again their friendship is rekindled.”


Imaginary Fred, by Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers
(shared by @howifeelaboutbooks)
“The book is touching and – fair warning – the end might make you tear up.”


Wilfred, by Ryan T. Higgins
(shared by @smallysbookshelf)
“This adorable story teaches a lesson in empathy, friendship, and the cost of greed.”

Same, but Little Bit Diff’rent, by Kylie Dunstan
(shared by @fee_loves_)
Two friends “compare with wonder their differences in lifestyle, culture and traditions but they also find much of those differences contain just as many commonalities.”


The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty, by Beatrice Alemagna
(shared by @ohcreativeday)
“Beatrice Alemagna can do no wrong in my books. One of my class spelling groups is named after her, in fact.”


Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School, by David Mackintosh
(shared by @alittlebookhabit)
“This is a really interesting book. It’s really stylish and appealing to look at. The layouts are inventive and there are lots of fine details so that you can spot something new each time you read it.”


Goodnight Already, by Jory John and Benji Davies
(shared by @childrensbooksgalore)
“Bear just wants to go to sleep, but Duck has other plans!”

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