Make These Healthy Animal-Themed Bedtime Snacks with Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Time for Bed by Mem Fox

Time for Bed by Mem Fox

This week’s book for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Time for Bed by Mem Fox. What a sweet choice for our shortening days! Darkness is quickly creeping into our dinner hour, and this book is a lovely way for me to wind down with my small kids.

Mem Fox is a prolific writer, having produced dozens of lovable books such as Possum Magic, Ten LIttle Fingers and Ten Little Toes, and the guidebook for adult caregivers Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever

This title, Time for Bed, is a nice one for toddlers because of its repetitive structure and calming cadence. Each page shows an animal parent and child as they prepare for bed and say goodnight. It fits perfectly with the last couple of weeks in our virtual club, which also featured animal books: The Little Blue Truck and The Very Busy Spider.

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To celebrate Time for Bed, I put together four healthy and filling animal-themed bedtime snacks that toddlers and preschoolers can help prepare. These snacks only contain whole and minimally processed foods, and they are great fun for little hands and big helpers.

Cat and Kitten Toast

We used…
* Organic whole wheat toast
* Organic Cheddar Cheese Slices, like this choice from Amazon Pantry
* Nitrate-free, uncured pepperoni slices
* Big cat cookie cutter
* Little cat vegetable slicer

Bumble Bee Toothpick Dippers

We used…
* Organic whole wheat bread (cut into circles)
* Organic banana
* Honey drizzle
* Toothpicks
* Bento eye toothpicks

Make this snack gluten free by subbing another fruit for the bread. You could also stick with banana and coat every-other ]slice with cocoa powder, dark brown sugar, or coconut flakes.

Dog and Puppy Sweet Treat

We used…
* Organic whole wheat toast
* Organic fig jam
* Gluten-free Fruit Leather, which is a GREAT value through Amazon Pantry
* Big dog and dog bone cookie cutters
* Little dog vegetable slicer

To make this gluten free, substitute gluten-free crackers for the bread.

Animal-shaped Hard Boiled Eggs (Gluten free)

We used…
* Organic eggs
* Egg shapers like these

This one is so easy! My kids love preparing hard-boiled eggs with shapers like the ones pictured. To make the process work best, I suggest using larger eggs, peeling the eggs when they are warm, and submerging them in ice water. My kids slice the eggs with a slicer like this one. They LOVE to do it themselves.


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