Colorful Kids Books for Teaching Gratitude All Year

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Thank you for taking the time to stop by this site! I absolutely ADORE sharing my family's favorite kids books with you, and it means so much that you bothered to click over and have a peek at this collection of colorful gratitude books.

Practicing gratitude has so many benefits. Giving thanks will improve your relationships, sleep, longevity, and more. As a parent, I hope to teach my children to be polite, gracious, and to authentically appreciate their unique gifts, privileges, and the world's wonders. 

These five books have been a blessing in my home. They are sweet, funny, stylish, bright, and—most of all—they open doors to the conversations about gratitude that we all need to be having with the young people we love.

To express my appreciation for you and these books, I am GIVING THEM AWAY. Follow along on my Instagram @chickadee.lit for all of the details on how you can win this five-book bundle.


Tiny Blessings for Giving Thanks
Amy Parker and Sarah Walsh






To celebrate and teach gratitude, I put together something really fun and versatile: printable acrostic poem booklets. This resource is SUPER flexible, but I used it to help my young kids make homemade gifts to express appreciation for each other.

Acrostic poems are quite simple, lots of fun for kids, and wonderful teaching tools. In an acrostic poem, letters in each line spell out a word or phrase. The easiest acrostics use a name (for my son Tom, we settled on Terrific, Outstanding, Marvelous), but they can be used in so many ways.

I hope this will be a resource for you in teaching gratitude to the young people in your life!


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Colorful books to teach gratitude to kids all year long. 

Colorful books to teach gratitude to kids all year long.