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I just love a good theme. And, of course, I love, love, love to give books on special occasions. 

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Baby Hipsters

Up-All-Night Party Animals

If you are celebrating a special baby or toddler, get some gift-spiration from this collection of book and toy ideas for up-all-night party animals. 

The gift guide is based around some of my favorite books that take place at night, and it includes some other gift ideas to facilitate after-hours exploration and comfort—including my big wish of the moment: a light table! Scroll all the way to the end for bunches of gift ideas to bundle in a basket or stand alone.  


Books for Up-All-Night-Party-Animals

The "Big Gift" for Up-All-Night Party Animals

There is no limit to what toddlers and preschoolers can explore with a light table. I'm hoping to splurge on one of these magical items for my three kids (ages 3,2, and 1) this year. Light tables help children explore their senses, art, science, writing, and more.  Use it with leaves, flowers, seeds, colored films. pattern blocks and magnet tiles, sand, paint, milk, water (in a tupperware), stones, or anything else you can think of.

More Gifts for Up-All-Night Party Animals

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